Wind turbine new generation 

Wind tirbine new generation with vertical axis. 

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Technology description and advantages

Propose to your attention a new type of solar-wind vertical axis wind turbine for the production of clean electricity.

The design of wind turbine consists a rotor with vertical blades, a generator based on copper coils and permanent magnets and the capture system that redirects the wind flow and the uprising air flows.

The basic principle of operation is that the wind flow and the uprising flow of air collected by the special deflectors into capture system and redirected inside the rotor. Thus, within the rotor creates high air pressure, and the air goes out between the vertically mounted blades. The blades have a special form of wing profile. This creates a lifting force on each blade and causes the rotor to rotate. To control the pressure inside the rotor, each inlet opening is blocked by a system of inlet valves, which under the action of the flow from the outside open and let in the flow of inward and under the influence of air pressure inside closed, preventing the exit flow from the rotor through the capture system on the leeward side.

Transformation of the mechanical energy of rotation into electrical energy is able due to generator which consists of copper coils and permanent magnets. This type of generator does not involve current collector brushes or other contiguous parts of rubbing between the rotor and stator. Permanent magnets located at the maximum radius of the rotor, which gives the best efficiency of the system.

Starting the system occurs at very low wind speeds (2 m/s), as the weight of the rotor is compensated by the magnetic suspension. Magnetic suspension not only reduces the breakloose power of rotor, but also offloads the axle and journal bearings and increases their lifespan.

This type of energy conversion of wind power into electrical energy has no analogues in the world.

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