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My Motivation, Money and Wealth By Vladimir Blagonic! Education is the key to you success. I will show you the best solution to your needs. Start dreaming again. We have forgotten how because we are! 

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Vladimir Blagonic was born in Croatia. He was one of six children, raised in a fairly large village. His family made a living on a small family farm of some 30 hectares, containing beautiful landscape. His education in Croatia consisted of three stages: first a small village School, then a larger school in town, and finally a Trade School. Upon arriving in Australia he continued education at TAFE completing his High school certificate.
The last chapter in his education is still continuing in the form of self-development: Now he attends seminars, listens to tapes and CD’s, watches DVS, listens to many personal development calls, as well as receiving and giving coaching and mentoring.
From an early age life was challenging in an environment which hardly compares to being raised in the 21st century in Australia, USA, or the rest of the Western World.  This challenge he met by dedicating his life to helping others: firstly his grandmother, growing produce on the beautiful and productive farm. Life was simple, and food was plentiful, even if simple in its preparation and presentation.
After school, life didn’t bring what he was hoping for as far as prosperity and education goes in a communist country. We all have dreams: Some dream bigger and some smaller. He was looking for more. His dream took him to Italy; on foot walking for one hundred kilometres to escape the communist regime which at his age only offered him army service for his country.  Can you imagine two years in army service? Running up and down mountains did not appeal to him at all. During this time, he did not give education much thought as having optimistic dreams about the future clashed with being told over and over how hopeless you are each and every day.
It is therefore no surprise that Australia sounded to him to be a much better proposition for seeking fame and fortune. The environment he was living in wasn’t conducive to excellence in any form.
He arrived in Australia in September 1972. For many years he worked in a variety of labouring jobs until he scored a job in a museum where he remained for over twenty years. In recent years he became disillusioned with life in general and especially his finances and he started to ask himself where it al went wrong. All humans are a product of their environment, their associations, the decisions and the actions we take which bring very predictable outcomes. So he discovered that if you take a good look at yourself, you discover the problem quite quickly. This was the easy part. Finding a solution is the challenge … not only finding the solution but then you need to take action to solve the problem. Taking action in itself will not do much either, unless you meet the challenge head on and it is most important to follow through to the end. Did you know that 80% of enterprises fail within five years?
So in 2005 he set out to improve his situation. He has test driven a number of small businesses, based in the transport industry, weight loss, online shopping, health & education. He was led to believe all you have to do is join as an affiliate and the rest will take care of itself, like a money making machine. This can be a very valuable lesson, on how not to start the business. Vlados Healthy Wealthy will show you the right way to start your dream new business, by way of information tools in his websites and newsletters to be published in the coming months and years.

This step by step education will work for you if you attend workshops and seminars, and listen to CD’s, and  above all if you read authors such as Anthony Robbins, Allen Pease, Florence Littauer, Robert T Kiyosaki, Victor Hanson, Dan Kuschell, Dean Graziosi and more.  
Vladimir had to overcome many setbacks in life, which has fuelled the energy and desire to be coached and educated to achieve his dreams.
Vladimir is a pioneer in providing leadership, information, cutting edge systems, and strategies and easy to apply tools for individuals wanting to make drastic improvements to their present situation in their wellbeing mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and financially – both at home and in their careers.
Vladimir is the leading authority in teaching actual methods - proven, practical strategies that work.  In fact, Vladimir truly lives the principles he teaches and is the epitome of leading by example.
His motto is:
By Zing Ziegler
You can have everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want!
Vladimir Blagonic

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