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15 years of age, ASHA goalie in hockey, Star wars is my favorite movie! Catcher in baseball. And last but not least, Darkest Hour is my favorite band! 

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Darkest Hour

In Washington D.C, there is a hard metal core band that was introduced to metal in 1995 by the name of “Darkest hour”. In their early career, they were told to make 3 albums, “Undoing ruin”, “Deliver us”, and “the eternal return”. Recently, their album “eternal return” tremendously rose off the charts by 104 copies. 


The band formation

Darkest hour was created on September 23, 1995 by a vocalist by the name of john Henry, followed by guitarist Mike schleibaum, bassist Raul mayorga, and drummer Matt Maben.

Here’s one quote from john Henry explaining his experience in the band and how he feels about it. “These twenty years as a band have felt like one big gift, we are lucky to have been able to share this ride with you all. For every person that tells us that we’ve touched their souls with our music, thank you, your words make us burn to create more.”  

The mark of the Judas and so sedated (2000-2002)  

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