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Issue released date: Aug 23rd, 2011

Big upgrades to benefit our members!


There has been some recent changes to eZineSpace that will benefit out active publishers!  The first change is that dormant eZineswill no longer appear on the site leaving only active eZines to show up in searches.  That means no more competition with 'advertisements to get exposure.

The other big change is the ability for new subscribers to subscribe to your individual eZine through RSS feed.  With many networks and sites no offering the ability to add your RSS feed it's simple.  Use the following url to add your RSS feed where ever you would like: ezine tag)

Replace the last part with your eZine's tag and leave out the parenthesis.  Don't forget to start with "http://"

Issue Content

EZineSpace |

Posted by on Aug 23rd, 2011

eZineSpace has a business Page. This business page is a place for eZineSpace's active publishers to share tips on creating and promoting eZines. and to post notices when you publish a new issue. although anyone can follow the business page only eZineSpace team members can post content which shows up on the APSense homepage of following members under the business feed. To be a team member you must be invited. More team members will be added as we see the activity with your eZines.

Featured eZine-Tales From the Broken City

Posted by on Aug 23rd, 2011

Starting with this issue, we will be featuring different eZines from active publishers.  In this issue we feature Tales From the Broken City."Tales From The Broken City is the latest offering from the writer who brought you such diverse publications as The Burning, Boomerang 1, The Omaha Non-Retro Neo Literary Review, The Chronicles of The Auto-Generator not to mention reams of random scribblings and what might be poetry.  Tales From The Broken City aims to give frustrated writ...

eZineSpace categories

Posted by on Aug 23rd, 2011

Please be sure that you are properly categorizing your eZines.  Not only to keep things neat but to make your eZine easy to find for potential subscribers.  eZine Space offers categories to cover all areas. Your eZine must be properly categorized or it will be disabled. Every effort is made to keep this section neat organized and free of spam. Arts & Entertainment-Arts and entertainment of all types including literature. Business-Marketing, recruiting, selling and bus...

Activate your eZine and keep it active

Posted by on Aug 23rd, 2011

There was just a major clean up of dormant eZines.  Dormant eZines will be deleted so that the focus is on actively published eZines.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself on what is an active eZine and what will cause it to be considered dormant. Every effort is made to keep eZine Space clear of Dormant eZines to benefit those who are actively using them. For this reason there are certain guidelines that are followed to determine if eZines are dormant. When you cr...