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Glutafit is the first daily supplement which whitens and also slims down the body creating a healthy glowing skin and slender body. It contains a combination of L-Glutathione, Chitosan and Hydroxyproline which are all clinically proven ingredients effective for whitening and slimming.


A naturally occurring compound, L-Glutathione (Tathion,) has demonstrated that it is effective in fighting cancer, environmental poisons, and even cataracts. It turns out that L-Glutathione is one of the most effective antioxidants that our body produces and Glutafit has this wonderful antioxidant. L-Glutathione works to protect our bodies from the thousands of daily hazards that we are exposed to such as pollution, second hand smoke, alcohol, and food chemicals and poisons. In fact, it is so effective that some researchers believe that it can actually slow down the aging process. 


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