Issue released date: Aug 5th, 2011

Key issues about Money & Leadership


Thank you for viewing my very first e-zine issue. It has been my pleasure to put together this informational work in the hopes that you can gain the advantage on the competition.

I put together a few succinct details concerning stock options, company incorporation, organizational leadership, & emotional intelligence (EQ).  This quick review will provide you easy to understand details about these complicated concepts.

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Issue Content

Fast Money with Stock Options

Posted by on Aug 4th, 2011

Stock Options - How do they work and how can I use them to make fast money?Stock Options are derivatives which take advantage of certain principles that can make us large amounts of money with minimum input in small amounts of time. Basically, one stock option allows you to have control over 100 shares of stock. You have to decide if you will select a call option or a put option. A call is an educated guess that the stock will increase in the short term and a put is an educated guess that the ...



Forget about LegalZoom when Incorporating your Business

Posted by on Aug 5th, 2011

Incorporating your business idea is simple - why pay hundreds of dollars to have a niche company file on your behalf when you could get it done in the same amount of time.Go to your State's department of State site and they should have an online filing system. Fill out the form with your specific company information and pay the small fee (Usually $200).Need a Tax Id? Go to and order one after your company is incorporated for $25.The legal sites want to charge you $100 + fee to file o...



Leadership & Culture : Southwest Airlines

Posted by on Aug 5th, 2011

Importance of Culture & Leadership: Case Study: Southwest Airlines   Organizational Success in a Weak Industry Southwest Airlines is the owner of the fewest customer complaints of any major airlines for more than 18 years in a row and has been profitable for more than 31 consecutive years in comparison to other airlines that operate in the red year after year (D’Aurizio, 2008).  Southwest Airlines is the model of excellence when evaluating an airline organization.  The le...



What is Emotional Intelligence?

Posted by on Aug 5th, 2011

Emotional Intelligence    The concept of emotional intelligence (EQ) involves emotions playing an important role in our lives, people having different abilities to perceive, understand, use, and manage emotions, and these differences affect our adaptation in a variety of contexts (Cherniss, 2010 p.111). According to Cherniss (2000), the concept of emotional intelligence mainly involves knowing when and how to express emotion more so than it has to do with controlling it.  Major ...