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Thank you for viewing my very first e-zine issue. It has been my pleasure to put together this informational work in the hopes that you can gain the advantage on the competition. ... 

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Million Dollar Enterprises LLC
The Million Dollar Coaching Company

Founded by:
Keith Lawrence Miller, The Elite Coach

Educational Background

M.A. Candidate at Columbia University
Leadership, Change, & Consultation
aka: Social-Organizational Psychology
Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, & Social Intelligence

B.A. in Psychology, Psychological Research & Social Psychology (Stereotypes, Human Performance, & Culture).

Cum Laude, honors in Major
Certified expert in facial recognition by Dr. Paul Ekman.

Member: Psi-Chi, American Psychological Association,
SIOP, International Coaching Federation (ICF), International Coaching Academy (ICA), Columbia University Senate, Toastmasters International, Columbia Club.

Research: Based in Professional Coaching with an emphasis on Emotional, Social, & Cultural Intelligence, Leadership, Human Performance, And Personal Development.

Inspirational Role-Model: Napoleon Hill

Avid Reader - Family man - Group socializing - Coaching Business

High on Conscientiousness, outgoing/social, funny, slightly candid, respectful, knowledgeable, altruistic

Personal Background

Keith Lawrence Miller born in New York, started life in humble beginnings defined by his Mother who suffered a near death massive life-changing stroke when he was 6 months old, but fortunately, with the guidance of his beloved Dad (#1 Coach), has perservered to overcome numerous obstacles that would have prevented lesser individuals from success.

Simply, "I have seen almost everything imaginable and my strength is in understanding others' perspectives". I was raised with the saying, "Put yourself in others' shoes".

His Mother, a personal inspiration, overcame adversity herself with positive thinking and a will to never give up. She lived with pain, but never stopped laughing.

Crisis is natures way of disciplining us - Napoleon Hill

Today, Keith is married to his beautiful wife and has five wonderful children. His family life is a model situation that has been developed through commitment, hard-work, communication, honesty, respect, and dedication. Oh, and of course, true love.

Its not where you start but where you end up - KLM

Professional Background

Keith started working at an early age testing out various industries.

He worked in the Service Industry where he developed exceptional customer service & time management skills;

Independent Contractor for a large Corporation where he learned the art of Business & Leadership;

Conducted Fund Raising for Charity where he developed his organizational skills;

Organized diverse teams to conduct large scale events and worked with teams to meet strategic goals where he learned the importance of teamwork;

Assisted in conducting Investigations and Negotiations/Mediations with The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), where he learned professional negotiation skills;

-taught himself the skills of financial Investing through many years of research, trial, error, & success.

His psychological research was focused on understanding human potential in regards to academic achievement concerning general intelligence, personality, and emotional intelligence.

He is currently a Columbia University Leader serving on the Columbia University Senate which is the elite political organization in all of higher education and sets policies & procedures University wide that influences peer institutions around the world.

Coaching has been a natural fit for Keith who has been doing this non-professionally since his high school years. He possesses the ability to help others achieve their goals and positively influences those around him. He has the ability to adapt and understand new situations, understand others' perspectives, relates well to all types of personalities, and most of all, has a burning inner desire to guide others' that he cares about to succeed at their highest level.

Money is not the main concern of The Million Dollar Coaching Company, but rather, supporting & guiding our valued clients to reach their peak potential. We are concerned with providing the highest value to all of our customers and working proactively to enhance the lives of everyone we come into contact with.

The Million Dollar Coaching Company invites you to join us for a Free - personalized one-on-one coaching session. We will discuss issues around confidentiality, trust, commitment, target issues, action steps moving forward, and how to get started in coaching if it is right for you.

Keith Lawrence Miller
(855) My-Pro-Coach

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