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This eZine is for us to share the moment when life just makes us laugh. Share your amusing and funny stories here.  

Last Issue:  Real Funny News!   Aug 25th, 2011

{EAV_BLOG_VER:ba58e81d01eddd22}Okay This issue is all real honest to goodness news stories.  Some are simply WTF??? and others are how dumb can you get?  Enjoy! and if yo... 

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Come on, at some point life has thrown you a curveball with amusing results.  Let's share those curveballs and a few laughs among friends.

We welcome anyone to submit your funny real life stories.  These stories should be written by you.  You may also submit liks to weird or funny news from the internet by using the submit link function. However we don't welcome advertising or spam in anyway.  Any submission that is spam or advertising will be immediately targeted for elimination so it's a waste of your time anyway.

However-if you choose to submit content please include an author bio consisting of the following information:
Your Name
ONE Link - it may go to your homepage, eZine, Profile page etc.  

Please make sure that the author bio is included in any content you submit.  It will not be published without it.  This is to insure that you get the proper credit for your submission.  

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