How It Works

Create Your First eZine

Creating your own e-zine is fun and easy. E-zines are a great way to share information and stay connected to friends, family and business contacts. Upload links and photos, or write your own text.
  • Step 1: Decide what kind of e-zine you want to create. Is it for interests and hobbies, family and friend or business contacts? Click the link to take you to the start page.
  • Step 2: What will you call you e-zine? Create a title and tag. Here's a hint If possible make your tag and title the same.
  • Step 3: Choose the category your ezine falls under, then use the brief section to add a description of your e-zine.
  • Step 4: Do you want your e-zine to be public or private? If it's for family and friends you may want to make it private. Check your choice.
  • Step 5: Choose your submission option. You can have open submissions meaning anyone can submit content or limited submission meaning only the admin-YOU can submit content. Even if you choose open submission the content will not be published unless you choose to publish it.
You just created your own e-zine. Now it's time to to choose your cover. You can use one of the provided icons from the template or upload your own photo. If you choose to use a provided icon just click the create button. If you are uploading your own photo, click on upload photo and create ezine. That's it you are ready to go. Now you can invite your contacts to subscribe to your ezine using the convenient invite link. You can choose to import your address book or send out the invitations individually!

Manage your ezine

Click My Account. On the right sidebar you will find a menu of your ezines. From here you can edit and update your ezine. Click on the link to add or edit your ezine.
You can add content two ways:
  • Share a link. Link to articles already on the internet. Enter the url and add a brief description of what the article is about.
  • OR write your own original text. Enter the title of your article and click continue. Now type your content. Add links, and photos or whatever you want!

Time to publish!

Publishing is easy!
Once again click my account and the the e-zine link. This is where you manage your ezine.