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This will allocate the textual content string entered to the task call displayed withinside the Job Status window accessed from the tab proven withinside the Lotus Engine Simulation Solver window. 

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Engine Builder Simulator Free: Select Currently Held Data this could run the version which has simply been constructed withinside the interface. Select Use testno this fills the 2 textual content bins underneath the widget with the textual content string entered withinside the Test No. textual content container proven in  Click at the release icon at the lowest of the window to put up the task.  The Lotus Engine Simulation Solver window Submitting the task will open the solver runtime window proven in  Minimise this window through clicking at the minimise tab. Do now no longer near the window as this could forestall the task from jogging.  Solver runtime window produced on submission of task. Getting Started Using Lotus Engine Simulation Tutorial ‘Basic SingleCylinder Engine Model’ Monitoring the Progress of a Job Click at the Job Status tab at the LOTUS ENGINE SIMULATION solver runtime window.  This will produce a window as proven in  Job Status window.

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