Why is my Dropbox not syncing? Call 

How to troubleshoot sync problems? Visit this website: https://sites.google.com/site/dropboxissues/how-to-connect-dropbox-using-dropbox-com-connect 

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Dropbox not refreshing: investigate sync issues 

On the off chance that Dropbox sync is working accurately, you'll see similar documents on every PC, telephone, or tablet you use to get to Dropbox (insofar as you've endorsed in with a similar record on every gadget). In case you're not seeing similar documents, or if sync neglects to finish, you're probably encountering a sync issue. 

Before you start: 

In the Dropbox organizer on your PC, a green check implies a document is completely matched up, a round blue bolt implies the record is currently adjusting, and a red X methods the record isn't synchronized. This article will just address situations where you're seeing the red X. 

In case you're seeing a particular blunder message, look at our rundown of clarifications all things being equal. In case you're seeing an overall issue with documents not matching up, keep perusing.

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