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dogs and cats 

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Information and opinion about social networking, science and current news. 

Nuclear Energy and Global Warming 

This eZine will be about the issue of whether or not we should throw out Nuclear Energy. It will also be based around the effect it has on the planet ie: Global Warming. 

Today's Paranormal Recap 

The Paranormal Associated Press's posted links for the day 



This eZine is made for gaming. We will be reviewing and discussing all different types of consoles and games.  

Wind turbine new generation 

Wind tirbine new generation with vertical axis. 


equipments, services, mostly to the venezuelan oil industry 

UnXplained  2 subscribers

Those of you that have an interest in the paranormal and the unexplained, are going to love this. This e zine is specifically dedicated to anything and everything bizarre, unexplained happenings aroun 

Environment - Sustainable Development  5 subscribers

Among the aspects that can set a new level in the relationship between humanity and nature, are those defined as clean technology, and once they are in our day to day, is more visible identification.  

marineturbo  4 subscribers

Turbo marine Supply