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Crist Consciousness and What It Really Means 

For some years now we have talked about Christ Consciousness. However, I do not believe that we have really understood the meaning of this concept and what it means for you and I... 

The Painted Home Flea Market Style Private eZine 

Dedicated to helping you create a warm, unique home...while still being able to pay your mortgage. 

Here's Some Awesome Info! 

Interesting information that can help you navigate your inner self. 

Pre-Made Parents 

An Ezine providing information about various parenting styles, mishaps, questions, common problems, solutions as well as home life, life style choices and more... 


We make your travel dreams come true 

That Frugal Lady's Guide 

Frugal, creative and full of information, we have it all. Your frugal living resource in one place. Fashion, decor, organization you will find it all here. Come on in, and enjoy your stay.  

The Full 

This magazine is directed towards Christian teen girls. 


One of the most treasured memories many women have is exchanging friendship bracelets with childhood friends. 

kids & teen 

Create your eZine based on your interests or a specific topic. Click here to learn more. The more interesting your submitted content is, the more subscribers are attracted. Don't submit content with 

Central Florida Firefighter 

Welcome to Central Florida Firefighter! This is our 1st issue and we are looking forward to many more. Each issue will include interviews with local Central Florida Firefighters.  

Visions 7 Family Private eZine 

Visions 7: We Grow We Support We Bond We Stand in Excellence  

Prepper'sTimes Private eZine 

Prepper's Times is dedicated to helping you prepare for the SHTF Or WROL times. This is not a E Magazine about the fantasy world of Mad Max Crap this is the real world and what could happen. Be Prep 


No One Cares when you are on your own. So, might as well make the best of it. To learn more about author please visit: 


DIGS is a European inspired brand that is stylish, sophisticated and unique in design. Women of all ages who love finding and wearing innovative and timeless styles can shop at DIGS  

Lily's Among Thorns 

This magazine is for teenage girls who have a desire for Christ, and who want to be Lily's Among Thorns, the light in the darkness! 

fashionology Private eZine 

fashion magazine  

Get your Free Wedding Report 

Request the FREE wedding report today and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying an extraordinarily memorable Wedding, one that is an unmistakable reflection of your personality and style. 

Clarity Street Ezine  2 subscribers

Holistic, Metaphysical, Life Coaching and Living the Law of Attraction is the purpose of this publication 

Guide to learn English Language 

Most of Asian country try to learn English language very hard.Doesnt matter U are primary,high school or university student. to check out now! 

English language 

Now,English become so important language.Until now,I try very hard to write & speak English better.Not only me,even graduate student also face the same problem.Dont U?