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Healthy Lifestyle  2 subscribers

General health information including-Diets-Heart-Skin-Kidney Stones-Weight Loss and Gain-Detox Diets-Good Fat - Bad Fat-Smoking etc... 

Clean Water News  5 subscribers

Clean water is vital in every country. Water quality is an issue in many parts of the world. We can all do our share to keep water clean and available to all! 

Finest Professionals in the Healing world  4 subscribers

Featuring some of the finest Professionals in the Healing world. The world of alternative therapies. World of Spirituality. These people can and will change your life for better.  


Terra Cotta Pendants are aromatherapy diffusers that you wear! Enjoy the aromatic effect you choose, by diffusing the essential oil into your personal breathing space wherever you go.  

Wellness world  9 subscribers

Our mission is to provide information and products that will help our readers achieve wellness, longevity and quality of life. We have a handful of articles, insights, health tips and news.