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This is your launch pad to success.  On this page, you'll find the collected and selected wisdom of our very own marketing millionaires.  The kick they get from network marketing is so infectious, they want to share their expertise with you.  They're willing to swing open the door to network marketing success and welcome you into their exclusive club.  Now it's up to you.

Don't worry.  We won't leave you to figure out how to mingle with this group of gurus all by yourself.  Although we can't guarantee your wealth and happiness, we can set forth 8 steps that have helped thousands of people earn extra and even life-altering incomes!

Before we get started on the training, we want to make sure you have set up your Vemma page.  This is the site provided to you by the company that you have access to in addition to VemmaBuilder.  If you have not created a Vemma username, go to and click on "Account Login".  Then click on "Create an Account".  Fill out this simple form.  The one thing to remember is to leave the social security number field blank at this point as they will not have it on file for you as a VemmaBuilder member.

There is a great deal of additional training available on the Vemma site, but below is some training we have created for you to help you enjoy success with VemmaBuilder.

1. SET GOALS AND SHARE THEM WITH YOUR ENROLLER Set your goals.  Write down WHY you started your own Internet-based VemmaBuilder™ business.  Then list everything you want to achieve.  Do not give yourself a short time horizon.  You should determine to work your business actively for at least a year.  Overnight success is rare indeed.

"A goal is a dream with a deadline." - Napoleon Hill

Share your goals with your Enroller.  To find out the names and contact information for your upline Enrollers, go to the Help page and click on the button labeled, "Who Are My Enrollers?" at the top left-hand corner of the page.

You also want to call and introduce yourself to your upline Presidential and Ambassador.  To find out their names and contact information, call Vemma Customer Support at 1-800-577-0777.

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