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This article examines the popular product known as 100% Whey Gold Standard Concentrate 

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One of the most important aspects of working out and being physically fit is your recovery. It is immensely important for your body to receive the necessary and proper supplements after it undergoes tearing and fatigue. Through my endeavors I have found the greatest quantity of success with using 100% Whey Gold Standard Protein Concentrate. When I first began working out I would use this protein powder to recover as it is the most basic form of protein along with a great price. After a few months of working out I was given a free tub of "GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60", which is a ton of fancy words for a different type of protein, by my brother. I found, however, that this protein simply sustained my level of fitness rather than boosting it to new levels. Using Gold Standard Whey allowed me to go up in my lifts by about 5 pounds more or less each week. There are different types of Whey Protein that serve different purposes depending on your goals. One may buy what is called "Casein" which is essentially the same protein but is designed to break down very slowly and is recommended to take before bed so your body can break down protein while you sleep. Additionally, one can purchase a Whey Protein Isolate which acts as a quick absorbing protein meant for direct post-workout consumption. The fast absorbing nature of Isolates is great for boosting insulin responses, though does not have the same additional health benefits that a concentrate has. The drawback of Concentrates, however, is that if you are allergic to lactose this is the furthest option for you. Otherwise, this basic formula works wonders for beginning a change in lifestyle.

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