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Griot: a West African term for the keeper of the oral history; the storyteller/poet/musician... Master Griots Unleashed will share stories of awesome spoken word artists who are our modern day griots. 

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Last Issue:  A Master Griot In The Making... X Blu Rayne   Dec 31st, 2010

"They carried the living history of an entire people from generation to generation." --Al Letson 

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Master Griots Unleashed not only showcases great spoken word artists, but these artists may be great representatives to help market your business and/or project as well as are great speakers for colleges, schools, conferences, and workshops.

To learn more about developing a strategic alliance with an artist through partner sponsorship, contact Marketing Strategist, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams at (215) 774-1237 or email

Also, listen to a variety of shows from music to poetry to marketing to community empowerment on Master Griot Radio a program of NBBTA Radio Live! - Get awesome unique Master Griot clothing and merchandise!

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