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Maha Mala

Maha Mala creates beautifully hand crafted 108 BEAD NECKLACES using crystal jewellery and Indian Traditional seeds.These 108 bead necklaces are called 'Malas' in Sanskrit and are used for chanting.

Maha Mala is based out of the heartland of India, New Delhi. Each of our crystals are sourced locally and every product is hand strung in our own office and finished with a cruelty free (ahimsa) silk tassel.
We buy our khadi (organic hand block printed) cloth for our product pouches from small artisanal communities around India and supply work to local NGO's in order to give back to those around us.

Maha Mala's are perfect for use in mantra chanting or as healing jewellery.

Buy from us with the knowledge that we buy fair trade, support local and believe in non-violence.

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