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Hey everyone! Welcome to Galworld, the world of girls. 

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Hey...Thanks for visiting!

This is Galworld - the world of girls.

It's a fortnightly e-zine written by a teenage girl, for teenage girls.

What would you like to read?

Read the articles with beauty, health and school tips, read the Q & A. Read the other articles with girl-news. Read Jennifer's story, a book written by me about a pre-teen and teenage girl's life, with all the challenges. Learn from it or simply enjoy it. Read creative writing submitted by other gals.

How can you submit?

It's so easy. Simply send me an email at with your article or writing. I'll review it, and if it's applicable then I'll post it in the next issue! Don't forget to include the name you want me to display.

When is the first issue coming?

The very first issue will be posted on the 1st of February 2011. I will then post some advice articles, some news articles, some writing, some Q & A, and not forgetting the thing for which most girls at my school read it - Jennifer's Story. Only a teeny tiny bit of it will be posted in each issue, and the event therein becomes the issue's theme.

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Thanks again for visiting!

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