Imagine You Woke Up a Different Sex/Gender 

What if you woke up tomorrow a different sex/gender? Will the entire point of your existence be distorted? Or will most things carry on as normal? Is your mind blown yet? 

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With society comes community and with community culture. People make and define culture and in turn culture begins to define people. Has society become a hidden mirror that controls not just how we should we act but the very definition of ourselves? Imagine you woke up tomorrow a different gender/sex? Will your taste in food, music, hobbies etc. change? Will you however, change the way you act to fall into societal norms. Perhaps it is these prescribed roles that hinder a person from embracing who they really are within and force a wide variety of people into a binary gender system. Another question to keep your mind juggling: Would your new sex/gender change your views on life in terms of race, sex and social class? More importantly, would you want to stay in your newly acquired sex/gender or return to your old roles?
Well I answered this question, I identify as female and imagined that I woke up male. I decided I like the taste of privilege and would like to stay male. But who knows, I could change my mind !

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