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The Monthly Buzz 

current world problems uncovered the truth behind all the lies  

Real Women 

A magazine for women who are interested in celebrating and sharing real life.  

The Inspired Globetrotter News 


grounged starlurkerz 

all about the hunger of a sexual nature and feeding it 

MAOL Private eZine 

This ezine will be about famuos&animals&fashion 

Every Leader is a Reader 

“Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs.” ― Zig Ziglar I am giving out powerful e-books daily. connect with me and enjoy. 

The Green Zine 

UL Green Campus Ezine 


An advent bible study targetted mainly at members of New Life Baptist Church but open to anybody 

Lucid Deaming 

a zine about lucid dreams 


GraceMag is a teen's companion in understanding the gospel of the Kingdom of God and how it applies to daily life. We ask the hard questions and aim to point to the AMAZING way forward! 

Mathews Blaster Private eZine 

Hi this a personal family magazine. It will be used to allow family members to communicate and share things related to togetherness and unity. Hope you enjoy.  


real estate portal 

Pricebenders auctions 

PRICEBENDERS™ Penny Auctions allow you to bid on and win hot, name brand products for a fraction of the retail price (typically more than 90% off)!  

Japanese News Private eZine 

Get the latest news from Japan here. 

Park Youth 

This magazine focuses on the local youth culture of Portsmouth, The United Kingdom 

Fundamental For Christ Private eZine 

Here's an ezine for those that truly believe in the Bible. It's for any fundamental Christian. It has helpful articles from a Biblical Counselor and Doctor of Theology. Inspiration and news isn't far. 

Buy and Sell Online  2 subscribers

Places to buy and sell online. Free offers. 

Home & Kitchen Appliances Shopping Zone 

Home & Kitchen Appliances - Check out shopping tips, ideas, popular brands, latest prices of various types of home & kitchen appliances... 

Parents Zone - Baby Kids Care Tips 

Welcome to Parents Zone - Check out baby kids caring tips, kids shopping tips, family & parenting ideas. 

School Uniform 

This E-zine will be about our School's (Haileybury Almaty) Uniform!